Legacy Starts with You

That’s me in the blue with ALL my siblings and parents on Easter Sunday.

Yesterday was an annual tradition at Texas A&M called Muster, which occurs on April 21st (if you know, you know). It’s also a time when former students celebrate their 50th class reunion.

Not only is my husband a former student, he also works at the university- and yesterday we participated in the class reunion (free) luncheon with all the former students who were on campus celebrating their 50-year class reunion.

My husband and I calculated that he would celebrate his 50-year class reunion in 27 years and that our children would be in their 30s and probably have their own families! We would be 66 and 73 (yikes!).

My Momma-heart could not handle this conversation and I jokingly yelled, “STOP!”

Because in that moment I started thinking about my children as adults, and even though we were joking about us being grandparents, a part of me wondered, “Lord, I hope I am preparing my children to become good adults.”

Do you ever wonder that?

Yes, our job is to parent, but that job won’t last forever. Yes, we will always be Momma, but eventually, our children will become adults.

When I look at this picture and see my parents and siblings, there is a hope I feel in knowing that what I am doing now as a Momma, as a parent, is paying off.

None of us are perfect, but we know where we come from.

As I continue to share about spring cleaning in a spiritual sense, I encourage you to think ahead to where you want your children to be, especially as it pertains to their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Is your cup filled now to pour into your children what, in the words of the preacher, “thus saith the Lord”?

Not legalistically, but pouring into them using the GRACE, COMPASSION, PATIENCE, and LOVE of the Lord. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.

And what happens when your cup is empty, are you spiritually cognizant to know when to activate a spiritual renewal to clean some stuff out?

Again, think ahead to the legacy you want for your family and activate it now.

The investment is well worth it.

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