A Patience That Flourishes

Just like the snippet of plant I got from my momma, so was the beginning of my marriage and motherhood. I had it together for the most part; but then life, by right, required me to endure and to prune some areas so I could grow and flourish according to God’s word. I say “by right” because we have this idea that all of life life is supposed to be smooth sailing, that marriages do not need work or that being a momma does not require a tune-up – and then we end up with the inability to exercise patience when times get tough.


A morning can make or break you even if you prepare the night before. The unknowns are endless: a disagreement with your husband, lost homework (uh-gain), stubborn children, rush hour traffic, raging hormones, arriving to the nanny or daycare realizing you forgot the diaper bag... If you happen to have dealt with an unknown this … Continue reading #HelloMornings

Not So Good Morning

I am (fully) functional at around 10 o'clock in the morning. This means I am dressed from head to toe, applied a little makeup, eaten my breakfast with coffee or tea, prayed up, and at my desk ready to work, already out the house to drop my girls off on preschool days, or off to run errands. I can testify that if I do not have some type of devotion and/or prayer in the morning, the rest of my day is at risk of me being less than stellar in operating in grace, compassion, patience, and love (Psalm 145:8).

My “Why” Revisited

Gathering, conversing, connecting, and growing. These are the words that come to mind as I think about my "why" for Conversations with Mommies in 2019. In case you are new, we are a community of married women who serve God, our husbands, and our children while practicing grace, compassion, patience, and love according to Psalm 145:8 (The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love).