Legacy Starts with You

Because in that moment I started thinking about my children as adults, and even though we were joking about us being grandparents, a part of me wondered, “Lord, I hope I am preparing my children to become good adults.”

Do you ever wonder that?

Yes, our job is to parent, but that job won’t last forever. Yes, we will always be Momma, but eventually, our children will become adults.

When I look at this picture and see my parents and siblings, there is a hope I feel in knowing that what I am doing now as a Momma, as a parent, is paying off. None of us are perfect, but we know where we come from.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning by Kristin Johnson

This spring, as I make my checklist of window cleaning, decluttering, and planting, I want to start like an opened window in spring to air-out the house and open my heart to where God is calling me to rest. It is totally in His arms of course; and in his arms I find a rest that no bubble bath, lazy afternoon nap, nor massage can give me.

I find spiritual rest in Him.

A Momma’s Heart

⁣⁣⁣Our hearts are the hull in which our children’s wellbeing resides. We hope and pray that the sail we ambitiously set ultimately leads our children to a destination that is fulfilling.⁣⁣⁣

A Patience That Flourishes

This beauty has flourished from is-it-gonna-make-it to look-at-me-now state. I actually took a piece of this plant from my momma who has an innate green thumb to plant my own and look at it now. From time to time, I would remind my husband to prune it with hopes that it would grow. Now look