What is Conversations with Mommies? We are a community of married women dedicated to serving God, our husband, and our children by practicing grace, compassion, patience, and love. The motivation behind our standard is based on Psalm 145, verse 8 (NIV), “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.” Just as Christ shows us grace, compassion, patience, and love, we aim to do the same.

From the stay at home “momager” to the corporate mommy, we provide Christ-like support and encouragement to curve the daily pressure and stressors that occur in both our relationship with God and in our role as Wife and Mommy. Let’s be honest – daily serving God, our husband, and our children with non-stop grace can be challenging. However, our mission is to promote conversations and a culture that cultivates grace, compassion, patience, and love.

So, how do we do this?

Online Community

Our Facebook group allows us to engage through daily topics as well as connect by offering each other support. This community is for married moms. Invite a friend by sending this link: https://www.facebook/groups/conversationswithmommies/.

Reader’s Circle

This is our version of a book club. Check out our Reader’s Circle page for books that we have selected to chat over.

Mommy Meetups

Conversations with Mommies meetups are informal gatherings for married mommies to share and grow from each other’s personal experiences. We strive for wholesome talk as we encourage mommies to live a life of grace, compassion, patience, and love.

Marketplace Mommy

Are you a Mommy that has an entrepreneurial spirit? We would love to feature you in our Facebook group page. Please contact us on how you can be a part of Marketplace Mommy.