Be Mine Jesus: Creating Space for Connection by Caroline Williams

When I go on a date with my husband or meet a friend for coffee, there are some steps I always need to take. First, I plan ahead for a time free of distractions. I likely do things to prepare, like choosing an outfit, checking the weather to see if I need a coat, maybe doing my makeup. For the best kind of connection, we put away our phones to focus on each other.

Connection in a relationship takes being intentional, so choosing to make time to grow in that relationship is vital.

Our relationship with Jesus has some of the same parallels. We’re busy moms, so carving out time to sit and read the Bible and pray can seem daunting. Raising my hand high, here! When my boys were babies I found myself rolling out of bed when they woke me up and falling into bed exhausted at night. Sure enough, I felt the dryness of that season of almost no quiet time with Jesus beginning to wear on me.

Simple Habits

As moms, we put pressure on ourselves for a lot of things. But sometimes there are seasons when all we have is a few minutes for Bible study and prayer. Even in seasons of brief devotion time with Jesus, we can still create a simple routine that we look forward to.

Being faithful, even in a small way, allows us to slow down and create space to meditate on Him and learn His ways.

You may be an early riser (my hat’s off to you!) or you may find a few quiet minutes in the evening before bed or in the pause of a lunch break. Author Sally Clarkson speaks of her daily ritual–cozy PJs, a lit candle, a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and her Bible before her kids woke up. In the gospels, we read about how Jesus would leave the crowds of people needing Him. He would climb a mountain to be alone with His Father.

If you’re anything like me, mountain climbing is probably out of the question!

But we can follow in His footsteps by stepping away from distractions and creating simple routines for our quiet time to grow closer to Christ.

I’m still learning, but there’s no doubt that finding a phone-free time with our Bible and a journal or good devotional can help our souls slow down. Here we can find the focus we need to be still and know that He is God. Whether you snuggle under a blanket in your bedroom or sit on the patio with coffee, find a place that works for you. By creating a simple space for connection, we can learn from Him, come before the throne with our prayers, and fall deeper in love with Jesus.

What’s one small step you are taking to spend time with Jesus in your daily life? 

Read more about guest writer, Caroline Williams.

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