A Patience That Flourishes

This beauty has flourished from is-it-gonna-make-it to look-at-me-now state.

I actually took a piece of this plant from my momma who has an innate green thumb to plant my own and look at it now. From time to time, I would remind my husband to prune it with hopes that it would grow. Now look at it. I am so proud. Since then, we have snipped a piece off and planted it in the front yard so it can flourish there. Right now, it is in a state of shock, and just as this plant, I am wondering if it will make it.

In our CWM community, I focus on grace, compassion, patience, and love and encourage mommas to exercise these qualities in their marriage and motherhood. This journey can be difficult, and I strongly feel that these qualities, coupled with the word of God, will provide a backbone of support in our roles as wives and mommas.

This week’s focus is patience, the capacity to wait and endure.

Just like the snippet of plant I got from my momma, so was the beginning of my marriage and motherhood. I had it together for the most part; but then life, by right, required me to endure and to prune some areas so I could grow and flourish according to God’s word. I say “by right” because we have this idea that all of life life is supposed to be smooth sailing, that marriages do not need work or that being a momma does not require a tune-up – and then we end up with the inability to exercise patience when times get tough.

I know my patience looked like that snippet we recently planted in my front yard. It was planted, but it lacked little signs of life -just a branch in the dirt. However, as I continue to grow in God’s word and practice patience, I flourished. I sprout some buds here and there. Perfect? No way. Instead, signs of life and signs of growth (Read John 15 to know Christ’s framework on how we should grow).

Patience is a constant state of Psalm 27:14, “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he will strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”

I recall a tough time we were going through, and I found a YouTube channel that played instrumental hymns with a scripture slide show. Psalm 27:14 appeared, and I paused the video, created a song, and memorized this scripture. And saying it over and over as I was washing the dishes lifted the weight I was feeling. God’s word works!

What situation are you needing patience for today? Wait on Jesus be of good courage and take heart!


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