A morning can make or break you even if you prepare the night before. The unknowns are endless: a disagreement with your husband, lost homework (uh-gain), stubborn children, rush hour traffic, raging hormones, arriving to the nanny or daycare realizing you forgot the diaper bag…

If you happen to have dealt with an unknown this morning, I want you to know, you got this.

Our resiliency as a woman, wife, and mother…

Wait, let’s just “shut yo mouth” and stop there.

The fact that we are ALL THESE THINGS is a mic drop moment! Don’t you agree?!

Our resiliency as a woman, wife, and mother is as a morning sunrise. It’s God’s radiance shining through us!

October 1st kicks off our 2019 Fall Reader’s Circle

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That’s right, we are reading it again.

This book is rich with tips yet such a practical guide on how to build a grace-filled, life-giving morning routine.

In #HelloMornings, author Kat Lee shares:

If I help you build the habit of connecting with Him [Jesus Christ] every day, no matter how broken and beaten you may feel, I know He can take you the rest of the way. He can heal, He can restore, He can redeem, and He wants you to be a part of a great and powerful story.

Join me in the journey! Grab your copy of the #hellomornings book here! 

Also, go ahead and join me on Goodreads, which is where we will engage in our conversation of the #HelloMornings book as we continue to build a more grace-filled, life-giving morning routine.