Decisions, Decisions

Decision-making while adulting can be tough when the playing field of life gets unleveled. Sometimes we must wait patiently for our answer and other times we need clarity and guidance immediately (like yesterday, right?).

In those times, we have to be confident in making our decision using our God-given wisdom, the Word, guidance from the Holy Spirit, and godly counsel from those we trust. I learned this during Discerning the Voice of God study by Priscilla Shirer.

Just because I am saying this to you doesn’t mean I have mastered the ability to make rush decisions on everything. It takes practice!

As wives and mothers, how many decisions do we make on a daily basis? A lot. Some minor, some very impactful.

Kat Lee in the #hellomornings☀️book encourages:

God Time. Plan Time. Move Time.

in starting our day to have more grace-filled, life-giving mornings.

Her theme scripture for #hellomornings is Psalm 145:8 (featured scripture is from The Message Bible).

I believe a message in this scripture is, “Lord, guide me today, because I trust you. Lead me to a clear and leveled playing field [of life].”You are going to have to make many decisions today; you may have to submit your answer today on something…

In your God Time and Plan Time, be confident, trust God. Your Move Time is counting on you!

Consider joining our Summer Reader’s Circle of Hello Mornings ☀️ by Kat Lee.

I’d love to have you.

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