My Man… a Father?

Even before our wedding day I never really grasped the idea that you, the guy I met on a blind date, would become the father of my children. My imagination did go as far as marriage later in our dating phase, but the thought of you being daddy, leader, and legacy builder to our children never really resonated in me.

I mean, how could I miss this? And here we are: two kids down and one on the way (Beau, the future pet is excluded for now)! How amazing this journey has been since the time of Roman’s birth in August 2012, to Noa’s surprisingly early birth in December 2014, and now Zoë’s birth in July 2017.

This journey has been amazing, because you are in it. Our children will always remember the memories you made with them, especially of all the things that I don’t know let them do (i.e., “More juice, Daddy.” / “More cookies, Daddy” / and the list goes on). You are the most patient, caring, loving, hands-on Daddy a child could hope for, much less a wife. Most importantly, you are like Christ.

It is my prayer that Roman carries on your legacy and becomes an even greater, more influential man of God, husband and father. As for Noa and Zoë, I am believing that they will grow in God’s and your likeness and will be able to discern that a real man is just like their Daddy: one of a kind, few and far between.

So, on your fifth Father’s Day, I wish you all the best. You are wonderful; you are amazing; and I am very blessed to call you my own.

Thank you for showing up.  I love you!

Photo Credit: Our wedding day from the lens of Light Writer Photography

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